Final Quarter Focus | identity, integrity + transition

I've decided that for the next few months leading up to the end of the year (a.k.a the final quarter of 2018), I'm going to select key focus areas to dedicate my time to ponder + explore. Areas that I want to further explore, address, unpack and apply to my everyday.

I am using this page to be accountable to myself on this mission. I aim to update this blog entry anytime I read a new piece, have a random conversation with someone or spark a new revelation/insight into a particular focus area. 

1 | identity

Identity leads to destiny... 

  • Clarity - possibilty of sight
  • Vision - accuracy of scale 

I'm learning how to define myself for who I am, rather than by what I do. The goal is to be proud of who I am at my core and proud of how I express that to the world. Because of that, I have to give myself the freedom to become who I'm destined and called to be. ~ Essay and Photography By Dara Oke

2 | integrity

"We live in a culture that celebrates talent more than integrity, but we’ve got it backwards. Talent depreciates over time. So do intellect and appearance. You will eventually lose your strength and your looks. You may even lose your mind. But you don’t have to lose your integrity. Integrity is the only thing that doesn’t depreciate over time." 

"Integrity is all about us being a whole, honest person. And that means we’re the same wherever we are, whatever we’re doing and whoever we’re with. We can often end up putting on different masks or identities, depending on the situation" ~ UCB Word for You

May integrity and uprightness protect me, because my hope, Lord, is in you. [Psalm 25:21]

But our integrity should be such that, we present the same standards in our living whether or not someone is watching. As Christians, we should not suddenly take on a cloak of righteousness to put on a show for others to see. We should to the best of our ability, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, live in pursuit of holiness both indoors and out. ~ Jaci Howard

3 | transition

The Transition

It is an interesting phase in life right now - one I call 'The Transition'. A phase that not a lot of people vocally talk about but rather internalize and ask the deep meaningful questions independently in their head voice or share with a few in their close-knit community. It is also a phase that comes wrapped in uncertainty and mystery yet laced with excitement and hope as to what lies ahead.

As a person who isn't too extremely fussed about sharing, and understands my voice to be a powerful tool to encourage, I'm using this platform to share the journey - understanding that life isn't as glossy and streamlined as the online world seems to paint it and knowing that my fair share of difficulties and bumps on the road are on the way.

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