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Attending the Voluntary National Review for Faith Groups - United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - Department of International Development UK

On Wednesday 20th March, I attended the Voluntary National Review for Faith Groups hosted by the Department of International Development, United Kingdom. The National Review was centred around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with the aim of meeting to discuss on the progress that has been made in the UK and internationally with the goals and how to better implement them in society. 

I am usually the youngest in the room in discussions but I have never allowed that to stop or deter me from using the voice I have been given to make change, provide ideas and solutions to challenges in society.

How did you get involved?

Developing an attentive eye and preparation is key. I was doing my usual scroll through LinkedIn and I came across a post by DFID which mentioned that the UK was undertaking its first review of progress towards the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development and that they were hosting a round table event with businesses, small and medium sized enterprises, trade unions, legal firms, insurance firms, manufacturers, entrepreneurs and faith groups to discuss what more needs to be done and how such groups can work better together to achieve the Goals by 2030.

Having done an Extended Project at Sixth Form on the Millennium Development Goals and studying the Sustainable Development Goals at University, the first line of the post stuck out to me and I was immediately ready to apply through the Faith Groups stream as I am involved in a number of activities at my local church. 

To attend the round table discussion, you had to apply so I did that straight away and waited for a response. A few days later, I saw the acceptance email and was ready to get plugged in and use my voice to bring ideas at the meeting.

What did you discuss?

At the roundtable discussion opened up by Lord Bates (Minister of State at the Department for International Development), there were various faith groups and professionals represented and we spoke about the impact the goals have made in society domestically and also on an international level. I particularly made reference to the importance of youth engagement with the goals so that young people can start to take ownership of providing solutions to the challenges they see in their local communities and be the change they want to see.

Why should I care about the Sustainable Development Goals?

I truly believe that the global is local. You really don’t need to look too far away from you or have a title to your name to have an impact in the world. There are issues in your local community that you can help address and solve through sacrificing a few hours volunteering or even contributing financially. I think it is important to have both top down and bottom up initiatives to address social injustices: top down meaning having a voice/seat at the table at high-level decision-making institutions and bottom up meaning plugging into local community projects. The Sustainable Development Goals cover a wide spectrum of areas in society that I believe give a very good coverage of areas that need attention and if tackled, we can see huge shifts in the world. Do check out the UN SDGs website to have a read about the goals if you want to know more!

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