8 Tips To Get Through An Exam Season

Tip 1 | Assess your workload

Be sure to assess how much work you really need to get through. There's nothing worse than having a blurry vision of how much content you need to sift through and having a grey cloud of pressure hanging over your head. Be clear and precise on what you need to do and how you want to get it done. 

What I'm Reading This Week #2

1 | Vanessa Kingori Interview on Vogue - Vanessa sheds light on her career, navigating the business aspect of the fashion industry and how you can make your mark.

2 | Harvard Business Review: How Women Can Develop & Promote Their Personal Brand

3 | Jeannie Mai 8 Personal Branding Lessons

4 | Launch of the Global Institute of Women's Leadership at King's College London - a small buzz of excitement lit up in me this week when I saw that a new institute is being launched at my University which is centered around promoting gender equality, women in leadership and female empowerment.

5 | Mission vs. Purpose

6 | PwC Personal Brand Workbook - I've been slowly working my way through this PDF document and it has proven to be helpful so far.

7 | How to Stay God-Focused Everyday

8 | New Frontiers: Meet British Vogue’s May 2018 Cover Stars

9 | Totally inspired people making an impact particularly in regards to social mobility. Check out my friend Victoria's work - She Who Excels 2018 Victoria Azubuike

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