Beijing, China

Beijing, China

Summer school squad & I at the Temple of Heaven

My First Year University Experience - Advice, Lessons and Memories

A change of season brings a change of thoughts and emotions. The new academic year is slowly approaching which has now fixated my mind on reflecting on what have I actually been up to over the past 12  months and how much development and growth has occurred. It is timely to dust this post out of my drafts and finally publish it to the big wide web. So crazy to think that roughly this time last year, I was constantly searching The Student Room and racking up the numbers to see if my UMS marks would get me into University but God-willing, he came through.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin Photo Diary

Berlin was a long awaited trip planned during the haze of the most recent exam period. A city break somewhere in Europe was what I  envisioned spending the final days of June 2016. It also seemed to have fallen at the most perfect time, post-EU referendum uproar (great escape, tehe).

Pearl Etique Launch

Yesterday, I attended an awesome taster party event hosted by my friend Pearl Okeke. I have always been a firm believer in supporting the initiatives and projects of those around you, especially those who are actively pursuing and using their talents. Therefore, purchasing a ticket for this event was a straight yes in my books. 

photo 1 - left to right: rice balls, stuffed turkey bell peppers // plantain & gizzard, turkey, quorn pie // mint & pea soup  with scallop (my personal fave!) // everyone digging in! 

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