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Berlin Photo Diary

Berlin was a long awaited trip planned during the haze of the most recent exam period. A city break somewhere in Europe was what I  envisioned spending the final days of June 2016. It also seemed to have fallen at the most perfect time, post-EU referendum uproar (great escape, tehe).

I jetted off at 6:30am with my friend and arrived at 9:30am Berlin Time (one hour ahead UK GMT) making the flight pretty quick. With our hotel located on the other end of Berlin, we had to tackle our first obstacle - Berlin's public transport. With 173 U-Bahn stations (Underground) and 164 S-Bahn stations (Subway) it seemed to be a daunting task at first glance however with the guidance of road signs/maps, it was easy and efficient to use. Travel in Berlin is relatively cheap costing €7.00 for a day ticket in Zone AB which covers the major locations. With a tube and subway map a little more complex than your standard TFL map, it did take a lot of getting used to but once you get the hang of it, it is fine which leaves you the freedom to explore at your own devices.

The beauty of this trip was the lack of knowledge we had about Berlin. Perhaps my B grade in GCSE German gave us a slight upper hand but we had no idea which places to go which left us to use our imagination with support from our frequent Google searches. Once you find a place to explore, just know that you will have an awesome time. Everywhere is so picturesque! My favourite part of the trip was selecting a random location on the underground map, getting lost but still appreciating the surroundings whilst retracing your footsteps to the place you were most familiar with. Basically, I felt like Dora the Explorer...

I think three days is a great time to explore the city and get a feel of what Germany is like however a little more time would have been appreciated because I felt we only scratched the surface in terms of exploring.

My favourite place out of the whole trip was definitely Strandbad Wannsee which is the beach located right on the coast in South West Berlin. Turning up with less than €2 to our name and not realising that there was a entry fee to enter the beach, we had a look around the area and found a friendly guy who directed us to a pathway that led us to a 'free mini beach' connected to Strandbad Wannsee. The view from the beach was  breathtaking, the sun beaming and just chill vibes. Sometimes, it is the non-monetary things in life that have the most value.

All in all, I highly recomomned Berlin as a quick get away holiday break. Great for students on a tight budget (hand raised) and is worth spending your time at!

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