Beijing, China

Beijing, China

Summer school squad & I at the Temple of Heaven

Being Black in China was a very interesting experience... I had many people come up to me and ask for photos, touch my hair, skin etc. It was all quite weird to me but I soon understood the 'hype' around the whole thing.
Tshingua University - School of Environment
This is where I studied during the course of the Summer School

The name of this delicious Korean shaved ice cream dessert is Patbingsu. This was actually so amazing. Why don't we have this in London?
One of the beautiful buildings on campus. The campus was fantastic and so breath taking. Like, every spot was a photo opp. The campus was also HUGE, it was like a mini town in itself.

The Summer Palace

2012 Olympic Site

The Great Wall of China - this was the highlight of my trip. So fun, but exhausting... Worked a few muscles climbing up.

I made it to the top of the wall!

A visit to the National Meteorological Centre, Beijing

High School Musical Jump at the Temple of Heaven

Food glorious food! The best thing about Beijing is how cheap the food is. Mate - I was able to get a full dinner meal of Rice and Sweet and Sour chicken on campus for 26 RMB which is equivalent to £3. Could Nandos ever?


Incase you didn't know, this Summer - I took my first ever international solo trip to China! Such an awesome experience hence why I collated all the footage and complied it into a Vlog. Enjoy :)

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