How To 101: Email Etiquette

We are all used to writing emails but the game changes when it's time to compose emails to people you may not be familiar with or those who work at advance levels within certain organisations. Even though communication styles vary from industry to industry, I thought it would be useful to give an simple overview of 'Email Etiquette' and provide the key steps that I follow when composing emails. This is something that I wish I read when I was a First Year student starting out in contacting people and finding work opportunities.

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Universal Health Coverage Day - Commonwealth Secretariat

Last Tuesday, 12th December marked Universal Health Coverage Day; an annual event recognised globally that aims to raise awareness about the need to promote health equality by providing the basic level of health care for all people. The day brought together advocates, social justice activists and health organisations across the globe to build a dialogue on what steps can be taken to reduce the increasing disparities in relation to access to health services across and within nations and achieve #HealthForAll. The World Health Organisation defines Universal Health Coverage (UHC) as:

"the means that all people receive the quality, essential health services they need, without being exposed to financial hardship" - World Health Organisation

Collage 1 - (left to right) Opening remarks from Dr. Mbololwa Lewanika-Mbuksita • Commonwealth Secretariat Banner • Information packs from Save the Children • Delicious lavender and passionfruit desserts!

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