The Transition

It is an interesting phase in life right now - one I call 'The Transition'. A phase that not a lot of people vocally talk about but rather internalize and ask the deep meaningful questions independently in their head voice or share with a few in their close-knit community. It is also a phase that comes wrapped in uncertainty and mystery yet laced with excitement and hope as to what lies ahead.

As a person who isn't too extremely fussed about sharing, and understands my voice to be a powerful tool to encourage, I'm using this platform to share the journey - understanding that life isn't as glossy and streamlined as the online world seems to paint it and knowing that my fair share of difficulties and bumps on the road are on the way.

5 Things I've Learnt From Running A Side Hustle/Passion Project

1 | Don't Work For Applause 

If you are waiting for the World to applaud your every move and accomplishment before you take action on anything or even when you do take action, you will achieve nothing. Not everyone is going to support you or be as hype about your vision as you. Build that resilience. I remember the early days starting up the Alumna Association - there was hardly any support from anyone... Hundreds of messages to friends, friends of friends to start off the first few contacts of the Alumna database. I found that persistence and sharing my vision clearly was the key to gaining support on this project. To date, we now have over 200 Women on our database. Don't be discouraged if your vision is not supported at first. Your persistence will get your vision across.

Life Update, Answering Your Questions and ISSA GRADUATE!

Hey hey hey folks. It's been a while... As you probably know, the past few months have been manic with exam preparations so I have been in that zone since late March. I actually finished exams three weeks ago so I have had some good rest and now feeling much more rejuvenated.

I'm back - with a V I D E O (really stepping out of my comfort zone...) After doing a SurveyMonkey a few months ago to see what you would like to see on this page and a little persuasion from friends, there was a high demand for recorded content - so, here we are... A life update, my University journey, obtaining a First Class Dissertation, my University regrets, God and lots more nuggets. I hope you enjoy!

Queens at King's Feature | Deborah Olubiyi

A few of the King's College London females featured [Left to Right] | Meg Zeenat Wamithi - Tolu Akinboboye - Sainab Nuh - Michaela Adama - Deborah Olubiyi | Captured by Reminiscence Photography

What is the #QueensAtKings campaign?

Queens at King’s is a project that follows on from the popular #BlackMenAtKingsCollegeLondon campaign that was released in May 2017. As a result of the campaign, there was lots of great feedback and many prospective students were left inspired and commited to achieve great things both within and outside academia. The overall aim of the Queens at King's project is to highlight the exceptional work that Black female students are doing in and around their community, while studying at King's.

Deborah's Thoughts

Honoured to be a part of the King's College London African Caribbean Society #QueensAtKings project. As I am growing and learning more about myself, I am becoming more aware of my strengths and weaknesses which has helped me to know where to channel my efforts. I work hard to ensure that my efforts are directed in areas where my strengths can be enhanced and complimented, and as a result, I see a positive impact in the lives of the people/places where I serve.

When observing people who seem to be doing 'very well' for themselves, there is a tendency to dissociate yourself from the greatness that another person is walking in, but, I encourage you not feel overwhelmed by the great things people in our generation are achieving but rather for you to look deeper into yourself and find the key gifts God has placed in you so you can start walking in your purpose. Let this ignite a fire in you to start being the best you can be. No more pity parties. In order for a jigsaw puzzle to be complete, all the pieces must firstly, be present and ultimately fit together. The World needs your part of the jigsaw. 

8 Tips To Get Through An Exam Season

Tip 1 | Assess your workload

Be sure to assess how much work you really need to get through. There's nothing worse than having a blurry vision of how much content you need to sift through and having a grey cloud of pressure hanging over your head. Be clear and precise on what you need to do and how you want to get it done. 

What I'm Reading This Week #2

1 | Vanessa Kingori Interview on Vogue - Vanessa sheds light on her career, navigating the business aspect of the fashion industry and how you can make your mark.

2 | Harvard Business Review: How Women Can Develop & Promote Their Personal Brand

3 | Jeannie Mai 8 Personal Branding Lessons

4 | Launch of the Global Institute of Women's Leadership at King's College London - a small buzz of excitement lit up in me this week when I saw that a new institute is being launched at my University which is centered around promoting gender equality, women in leadership and female empowerment.

5 | Mission vs. Purpose

6 | PwC Personal Brand Workbook - I've been slowly working my way through this PDF document and it has proven to be helpful so far.

7 | How to Stay God-Focused Everyday

8 | New Frontiers: Meet British Vogue’s May 2018 Cover Stars

9 | Totally inspired by people making an impact in society, particularly in regards to social mobility. Check out my friend Victoria's work - She Who Excels 2018 Victoria Azubuike

Spotlight Sessions with Chinwe Anumba (COAH Music)

Think Alex Isley with a mix of Solange Knowles, a touch of Erykah Badu and sprinkling of Lauryn Hill and you have COAH. An up and rising musical talent, Chinwe is another creative spark to watch out for. Chinwe and I met back in October 2016 through an Instagram story funnily enough! After sparking off conversation in the DMs, we scribbled a date in our diaries to meet up at our local Nandos near University and hit off since then. I highly recommend that you check out her craft - talent in it's finest. (my personal fave is Buttercup!)

Here's the Spotlight on Chinwe Anumba...

5 Park Pl, St. James's, London SW1A 1LR, UK

#CommonTies | Commonwealth Youth Event CHOGM 2018

What was the event about?

This Wednesday, I attended the #CommonTies event hosted by Commonwealth Youth in London. The aim of the event was to bring together young people across the Commonwealth to learn more about the variety of networks open to young people as well as understand how we can contribute to the Commonwealth and have our voices heard.

Spotlight Sessions with Odera Okoye

A new week brings about a new #SpotlightSessions. I hope you have been enjoying reading these biweekly segments and been inspired by each person's journey. 

#SpotlightSessions - shining the spotlight on everyday people with inspiring stories

This week, I interview Odera Okoye. I first came into contact with Odera after landing on Renowned - a digital platform created by Odera and his brother, Aka, which aims to explore the themes of God, faith, identity and culture through visual storytelling. From the aesthetics and vibe of the blog, I knew that the creative forces behind the site were people to watch out for. At that time, I was aware that Odera and I both attended the same University so I managed to spot him at a random African Caribbean Society event and went on to applaud him for the work he was doing towards Renowned. Since then, he has graduated from King's College London with a BA in English and is on the road to securing a bright future in the creative industry. This is a Spotlight interview you don't want to miss. So, here's the spotlight on Odera... 

21 Years, 21 Lessons

Today I turn 21! I feel like I am at an interesting point in life right now - fighting my way through the 'beginners-course-in-adulting', excited for what the future holds yet uncertain as to how I want to get there or where to even start. 

Despite all this, I am truly grateful for life and have faith that I will continue to walk in my purpose as the days, weeks, months and years go by.

Here's 21 things I've learnt in 21 years.
Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

Spotlight Sessions with Adaora King

#SpotlightSessions - shining the spotlight on everyday people with inspiring stories

In this Spotlight Sessions, I interview one of my long time friends Adaora King. Adaora and I actually met back in primary school (Year One, to be precise 😄) and have kept in contact since the early days. Coincidentally, years down the line - we also ended up studying at the same University! 

I was particularly keen to interview Adaora because of her passion for travel, her dedication to learn about new cultures through language, food and music as well as her interest in building cultural intelligence skills. Here's the spotlight on Adaora King. Enjoy!

London, UK

Spotlight Sessions with Elif Emma True

#SpotlightSessions - shining the spotlight on everyday people with inspiring stories

Throwing back to November 2017, Elif and I met at the Houses of Parliament whilst I was working as a Summary Writer for one of the Commonwealth events and she was also at the same event attending as one of twelve selected UK Commonwealth Youth delegates.

As soon as I met Elif, I was in awe of her passion for Politics, her desire to serve and eagerness to make a change - all at the age of 18! She is definitely one to watch... So here's the spotlight on Elif Emma True. Enjoy!

What I'm Reading This Week #1

If you are like me, you are constantly on the hunt for that blog piece, video clip or thinkpiece that resonates with you, forces you to think a little harder about life and just be your best self. I think that it is critical that we are always inspiring and feeding ourselves with interesting and positive content. There is so much content on the internet nowadays; the good, the bad and the ugly so being intentional with what you decide to consume is important as it does have an impact on the way you think, behave etc.

I find that the times when I'm most dull is when I forget to dream and inspire/motivate myself. I thought it would be fitting to stick a couple of links together that have given me a boost over the past few weeks so you can also have read, discover cool people across the internet and gain some new insights. 

20 Questions - Get To Know Me (Part 1)

I guess a good way to continue with the action on here would be to answer a couple of questions so you can get to know a bit more about me. Feel free to also comment below your answers to the questions - I would like to read them. 

Key Areas of Focus in 2018

Happy New Year! I have high hopes for the upcoming year and look forward to seeing how it all pans out. I am also aware (trying not to be aware) that 2018 is a shifting year for me in terms of my steps post Uni, figuring out what I want to do and other life related bits. Trusting God that he will direct my footsteps.

The key areas I want to focus on in 2018 are:
  1. My degree! Really need to round off the final few months with a bang. 
  2. Driving: No more procrastination. I will be on the roads. 
  3. Building my brand: Branding is super important to me and I know will play a big part in my journey post-Uni
  4. Spiritual growth: I want to be more intentional about reading the Word, especially in the area of memorising and meditating on the stories of various figures in the Bible i.e. Moses, Noah, Esther, Abraham etc.
  5. Finances: Better spending habits, less Tesco meal deals and more meal preps...   

I just read the 'Word for You' extract for January 1st and the message is very timely and relates a lot to my reflections on 2017. Do take a read and enjoy...

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