What I'm Reading This Week #1

If you are like me, you are constantly on the hunt for that blog piece, video clip or thinkpiece that resonates with you, forces you to think a little harder about life and just be your best self. I think that it is critical that we are always inspiring and feeding ourselves with interesting and positive content. There is so much content on the internet nowadays; the good, the bad and the ugly so being intentional with what you decide to consume is important as it does have an impact on the way you think, behave etc.

I find that the times when I'm most dull is when I forget to dream and inspire/motivate myself. I thought it would be fitting to stick a couple of links together that have given me a boost over the past few weeks so you can also have read, discover cool people across the internet and gain some new insights. 

I found this to be quite a captivating read. As a soon-to-be-graduate, I have many unanswered questions about the working world and have an itching to know more about how I can truly be my best self and grow as much as I can once I'm in. Bianca really gives the millennials a huge dash of 'you're-doing-amazing-sweety' vibes in this piece by highlighting the strengths we possess once we have the space and freedom to utilize our skills in an environment that fosters growth.

2 | Woman Who Podcast - Otegha Uwagba
Otegha Uwagba has become a recent girl crush. An Oxford graduate now Writer, Brand Consultant and Author of the well renowned Little Black Book (yet to get my hands on one...). These podcasts provide the perfect intersection between inspiring yet practical and really gets your brain into gear as to how you can be the next girl boss. Each guest speaks about the ups, downs, successes and failures that they have met on their career paths and it is a very refreshing podcast. One for those long underground journey's!

3 | Chizi Duru - Nigeria Vlogs
I someone stumbled upon Chizi Duru's Nigeria vlogs whilst browsing my YouTube subscription feed earlier on last week. I have been hooked ever since. There's something so interesting about seeing the Motherland through the lens of someone who is similar to you i.e. same age bracket, from the diaspora, thinking and asking the same questions about life etc.

4 | Oprah's Golden Globe Speech & Life Coach Shawn's Reaction 
Currently Oprah's speech is #2 Trending on YouTube at the moment so it is definitely the hot topic of the week. Life Coach Shawn's reaction puts a cool Biblical spin on the topic too which I also liked. I think the speech really does speak for itself, so I'll cut the words and just allow you to watch...

5 | The 50 Big Ideas for 2018
I remember coming across this post in late December and I had to drop a few tweets about it. Very interesting read. I guess I'm fascinated to see what 2018 has in store. I just have a feeling that it will be a memorable and shifting year for many!

6 | The drug-carrying drones that reach far-flung places
As a Global Health student, I am always looking for ways in which Global Health merges into other fields. Recently, I have been really big on the digital and tech scene. This video warmed my heart.

Do you have any top reads? Drop a comment below with your favourite reads and I'll love to take a read!

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