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New Year also means the start of a new term. Cannot believe I am in the final stretch of my undergraduate degree... Time has flown by and I am going to miss the Uni days a lot. Here's a peek of my study space. It's never usually this neat. I like to describe my work space 'an organised mess' on most days. I am currently in the depth of Dissertation writing at the moment which is very tasking and demanding but I am determined to finish it with a banging grade. 

1 | Who else is a huge snacker? Definitely cannot do the long library sessions with nothing to munch whilst typing away. I'll probably just sit on my chair like a potato.  My favourite thing to snack on is the Onken Wholegrain Yogurt. I could finish 3 of these within an hour... I'm also trying to avoid delving into my usual multipack chocolate brownies and flapjacks because that stuff is just toxic to my spirit.

2 | The good old biro pen and highlighter. Essential.

3 | #TeamPC all the way. I use the ASUS ZenBook which works like a dream.

4 | As mentioned earlier, I am currently writing up my dissertation and my topic area is on culture, spirituality and health so this book is coming in handy. In my notebook I always jot notes from reading materials, lecture content and also the remaining tasks I have to do for my dissertation.

5 | I take my diary with me everywhere. Always handy to have it on my desk just in case an email comes through about a meeting, event etc.

6 | Yes, we still use flashcards, post it notes and coloured stickers at degree level. I can't stand dull looking notebooks/diaries so these are great for organisation and colour coding my work.

7 | We can't be having ashy lips whilst we're on the study flow. Carmex to the rescue...

8 | ...and more work. These are the codes that I extracted from my qualitative interviews for my Dissertation. Off to go and translate them into proper English...

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