The Transition

It is an interesting phase in life right now - one I call 'The Transition'. A phase that not a lot of people vocally talk about but rather internalize and ask the deep meaningful questions independently in their head voice or share with a few in their close-knit community. It is also a phase that comes wrapped in uncertainty and mystery yet laced with excitement and hope as to what lies ahead.

As a person who isn't too extremely fussed about sharing, and understands my voice to be a powerful tool to encourage, I'm using this platform to share the journey - understanding that life isn't as glossy and streamlined as the online world seems to paint it and knowing that my fair share of difficulties and bumps on the road are on the way.

5 Things I've Learnt From Running A Side Hustle/Passion Project

1 | Don't Work For Applause 

If you are waiting for the World to applaud your every move and accomplishment before you take action on anything or even when you do take action, you will achieve nothing. Not everyone is going to support you or be as hype about your vision as you. Build that resilience. I remember the early days starting up the Alumna Association - there was hardly any support from anyone... Hundreds of messages to friends, friends of friends to start off the first few contacts of the Alumna database. I found that persistence and sharing my vision clearly was the key to gaining support on this project. To date, we now have over 200 Women on our database. Don't be discouraged if your vision is not supported at first. Your persistence will get your vision across.

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