5 Things I've Learnt From Running A Side Hustle/Passion Project

1 | Don't Work For Applause 

If you are waiting for the World to applaud your every move and accomplishment before you take action on anything or even when you do take action, you will achieve nothing. Not everyone is going to support you or be as hype about your vision as you. Build that resilience. I remember the early days starting up the Alumna Association - there was hardly any support from anyone... Hundreds of messages to friends, friends of friends to start off the first few contacts of the Alumna database. I found that persistence and sharing my vision clearly was the key to gaining support on this project. To date, we now have over 200 Women on our database. Don't be discouraged if your vision is not supported at first. Your persistence will get your vision across.


2 | Know Your Why

This is key. This will been the driving force/fuel behind any project and the key contribution toward longevity. I see a lot of start ups and new initiatives being launched by people but what differentiates the good from the best are those who really know their 'why' and can clearly communicate that with their audience. From my little experience, knowing the 'why' has helped me during the days when nothing seems to be working out well, when the Whatsapp Group gets dry and when the rejection emails from sponsors rolled in like floodwater.

3 | Think Sustainably

Leadership is really not about you but rather how you are accommodating and developing the needs, gifts and skills of the people around you. How are you equipping those on your team? What opportunities are you providing for each person to grow and develop?

4 | Know Your Value In The Marketplace

This is something that I myself am still trying to understand and master. Dealing with finances and knowing my value in the marketplace has not been my strongest point but I am glad it is a hurdle I am facing in the early stages of my career as I know it will be an important part of business/work later on in my life. After running my passion project as a volunteer service for two years, I made the choice this year to really up the game and transition into a paid service. I found that putting a cost on a service and knowing the value of something you offer can be so difficult but as soon as I did, I stepped into a sense of legitimacy and seriousness about the work I do. I simply put in a proposal of  the exact services I wanted to offer in my third year of running the passion project and it was granted successful. Ultimately, if your client values what you are offering, they will be willing to pay for your service which is why it is crucial to know your value. 

5 | Enjoy Making Mistakes

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. ~ Albert Einstein 

I have grown to endure the pain of making mistakes. As a slight-perfectionist, I like to see things being executed well but I've learnt that it is actually okay to make mistakes! I have made so many errors running a Passion Project ranging from contacting wrong people, not budgeting correctly, not allocating roles properly etc. I even turned up to a meeting wearing two different shoes once... (that's a story for another day😂) but from these mistakes I am learning to become a better business-minded person and importantly, a better leader. Make mistakes, fall fast and get up again to you can get moving onto whatever lies ahead.

Do you have any tips, lessons learnt from an experience or project you are working on? Leave a comment below as I would love to learn from you!

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