Hello there - My name is Deborah Olubiyi and welcome to this space (which I call my 'creative outlet') where I write about all things life related. Alongside this space, I am a full-time student studying Global Health and Social Medicine with Neuroscience at King's College London. My interests are varied but I can say that social justice, health equality and development are my passion areas and are topics that I could ramble on about for hours!  

I have been sporadically writing on this space from the age of 15, with my earliest posts (now hidden deep in the archives) based around personal style but now I hope to use this page as a free space to get creative and share insightful content whether that be through sharing tips on personal and career development, updates on things going on in Global Health, or insights into faith. I want to be intentional in jotting down the upcoming chapters of life and create a digital footprint of the ups, downs, thoughts and moments through this medium, so, do follow me on this journey! 

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