Hello there - My name is Deborah and welcome to this space (which I call my 'creative outlet') where I write about all things life related. Alongside this space, I am a full-time student studying Global Health and Social Medicine with Neuroscience at King's College London. My interests are varied but I can say that social justice, health equality and development are my passion areas and are topics that I could ramble on about for hours! Over the years, I have stepped foot into organisations that focus on International Development such as the Commonwealth Secretariat and various charities, so I aspire to work in that industry after undergraduate study. Aside from academia, I have recently rekindled my love for everything digital and entrepreneurship. 

I have been sporadically writing on this space from the age of 15, with my earliest posts based around personal style but now I hope to use this page as a free space to get creative and share content whether that be through reflection-rambles on my life, updates on things going on in Global Health, or insights into faith. I want to be intentional in jotting down the upcoming chapters of life and create a digital footprint of the ups, downs, thoughts and moments through this medium, so, do follow me on this journey! 

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