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Yesterday, I attended an awesome taster party event hosted by my friend Pearl Okeke. I have always been a firm believer in supporting the initiatives and projects of those around you, especially those who are actively pursuing and using their talents. Therefore, purchasing a ticket for this event was a straight yes in my books. 

photo 1 - left to right: rice balls, stuffed turkey bell peppers // plantain & gizzard, turkey, quorn pie // mint & pea soup  with scallop (my personal fave!) // everyone digging in! 

If you scroll down Pearl's Instagram feed, you will see that she is not only the master of curating well designed tasty dishes but is also a student nurse (soon to graduate!) and inspiration to many! I'll leave you with the link to pree and observe the evidence... 

The event was held on a spectacular roof terrace overlooking well-known London sights making it a great space to network, chill and enjoy the varied 7-course taster menu. 

photo 2 - left to right: my cheesy grin and pal Lian // Pearl Etique cupcakes // plantain boat stuffed with onions, sprouts and avocado // Pearl Etique goodie bags

From finger food, canapés to lemon/cucumber infused water, I was fully satisfied by the end of the night. My favourite dish had to be the Mint and Pea Soup with Scallop... Not being an avid soup fan, I was surprised to find myself gravitating towards a second bowl because it was that delicious. With the soup blended to perfection and the hint of the coconut milk, I was sold. Definately hope to recreate it at some point.

From then, we came into contact with a range of other dishes all listed below:

1: Smoked Salmon and Tomato Sourdough Canapés 
2: Avocado and Pomegranate Sourdough Canapés 
3: Chilled Pea and Mint Soup with Seared Scallop
4: Plantain Boats with Pea Sprouts and Avocado
5: Turkey Mince Stuffed Peppers
6: Spicy Coconut Rice Balls with Citrus And Orange Pepper Sauce

To round off the night, we all had the opportunity to win foodie prizes by getting involved with the Blindfold Food Competition and The Pearl Etique Quiz. Safe to say I walked home munching on a rainbow cupcake as my group came 2nd place *grins*

All in all, the event was a huge success. So glad I attended and looking forward to more Pearl Etique events in the future - and hopefully one day, visiting the Pearl Etique restaurant!

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