Twenty Seventeen.

If I could describe this year in three words, I would narrow it down to: enlightening, uncomfortable and inspiring.

~ give (someone) greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or situation

2017, you have been pretty enlightening in all capacities of life: friendships, education, family,  forgiveness, confidence, my character, career and much more. I believe that the source of gaining such insight this year has been from God. A prayer that I started to pray towards the middle of the year was: "God, open my eyes to see what you want me to see, and open my ears to hear what you want me to hear". As a result of this, my perspective and understanding of a lot of things changed and forced me to stop relying and leaning on my own understanding but rather ensuring that my actions and decisions were influenced through the character of Christ as well as to place my perspective on certain situations through God's birds eye view. 

~ causing or feeling unease or awkwardness

Thanks for the growing pains 2017 - they were real. Each month brought about a new level of 'uncomfortableness'; be it in the increased difficulty of essays at Uni, that horrid 30 credit Neuroscience module (which I surprisingly passed!), letting loose of friendships that no longer served its purpose, being vulnerable and even starting up this blog again. I always seemed to find myself in a state outside my comfort zone.  Each month, you presented a new challenge or obstacle for me to overcome; be it emotionally, psychologically, physically, mentally, spiritually. At some points, it left me drained but I can honestly say now that I am stronger than ever before. I found a new lease of freedom, I now understand my worth and value in Christ and I try daily to channel my energy into ensuring I remain steadfast in His Word. 

2017, you also stretched me in the area of my gifts. Worship has become a fundamental part of life now but it used to be something I shrugged under the carpet for a long time.

"You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill that cannot be hidden." - Matthew 5:14

That gem from the book of Matthew summarizes how I could no longer hide my gift of worshiping but had to use it to reach out to impact the lives of others. It's been a journey and still is a journey I am on in terms of confidence but it has been a blessing.

~ to make someone feel that they want to do something and can do it

And finally, you have been really damn inspiring. There were numerous points of achievement this year which include completing second year of University and interning/working at some amazing places. 2017, you led me to some pretty dope people who crossed paths into my life just at the perfect time. It was all scarily orchestrated... These are people who have become friends, encouragers, cheerleaders, mentors and also online-inspirations-who-I-read-watch-stalk.

The "Alumna Day 2017" event, an initiative I set up in 2015, was also another fantastic achievement which left me truly inspired to do more for the lives of others as I progress further in life.

I've also learnt that I don't need to box myself! What a relief. I can be a woman who is passionate about Global Health related issues but still have room to explore on the avenues to entrepreneurship and build skills in design and editing out of sheer pleasure and enjoyment yet still utilize my creative side by writing and blogging. So basically I am inspired to be a girl boss...

It would be unlike me to drop a post without some visuals, so here's a collage, summarising some key points in 2017.

We raise our hopes to the start of yet another amazing year. 2018, be kind!

COLLAGE (left to right) 

 1. I left the teenage years and turned 20!  2. Second year exam season. That Neuroscience module nearly finished me  3. I managed to find a company that provided 120 tote bags and magazines for the Alumna Day! So pleased  4. Spent my Summer frolicking in Nigeria  5. #JHYC - Great bunch of pals

6. Behind the scenes filming for the GHSM Promo Video   7. The Beautiful Bride! (Aima)  8. Backstage with Synergy  9. Alumna Day  10. Made some bomb puff puff 

11. Love is in the air - #MeetTheAfolabis   12. Bridesmaid duties in Lekki, Nigeria  13. Hair growth babbbby  14. Youth Sunday  15. Had the opportunity to speak on my University journey with the current candidates on the Amos Bursary programme 

16. Powerlist Foundation Programme • 17. I ministered!  18. Cool folks I met whilst working at Parliament  19. Video grab from an opportunity that I was unsuccessful at. Plenty of failures this year.  20. Gained an amazing mentor! 

21. I ministered again - through drama!  22. Friends launching projects  23. My Mum turned 50! #GoldenJubilee  24. Visited the Redemption Camp in Nigeria  25. Got professional photos taken for my University Prospectus. Check it out!

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