What I'm Reading This Week #2

1 | Vanessa Kingori Interview on Vogue - Vanessa sheds light on her career, navigating the business aspect of the fashion industry and how you can make your mark.

2 | Harvard Business Review: How Women Can Develop & Promote Their Personal Brand

3 | Jeannie Mai 8 Personal Branding Lessons

4 | Launch of the Global Institute of Women's Leadership at King's College London - a small buzz of excitement lit up in me this week when I saw that a new institute is being launched at my University which is centered around promoting gender equality, women in leadership and female empowerment.

5 | Mission vs. Purpose

6 | PwC Personal Brand Workbook - I've been slowly working my way through this PDF document and it has proven to be helpful so far.

7 | How to Stay God-Focused Everyday

8 | New Frontiers: Meet British Vogue’s May 2018 Cover Stars

9 | Totally inspired by people making an impact in society, particularly in regards to social mobility. Check out my friend Victoria's work - She Who Excels 2018 Victoria Azubuike

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